Friday, March 12, 2004

So I was re-reading a bunch of my older posts, and realizing that I was quite homesick and irritable at times. Part of it was being sick, and part of it was culture shock. I almost erased many of my entries out of embarrassment.

I just want to apologize. And I want to publically acknowledge that for any fault that I may have harped about regarding Iraq, I could find the very same fault, and probably ten worse faults here in America.

- Americans eat WAY too much sugar. The ailses at your corner store are filled with disgusting junk that we consume in mass qualtities, and sugar encrusted breakfast cereals are peddled during every children's cartoon.
- Americans have silly wives' tales - and many do believe that you can get a cold from being in the cold.
- American feminism is a little ignorant - it tends to focus on the most superficial aspects of being female, and forgets about real issues of equality.
- Americans are complacent. Half of us don't even VOTE!
- Americans smoke too much, even though they are aware of both the health risks and their own enslavement to feeding corporate giants a steady flow if their cash.
- Americans are materialistic - happiness is based on how much stuff you can aquire. It's particularly evident among children.
- Americans as a result of being materialistic, shackle themselves to horrible jobs that they hate and have no pride in, but which take up the largest portion of their lives.
- Americans pop pills for every possible ill, physical or mental, but don't maintain their bodies & minds so they don't get sick. Medicine is all about treament and not about prevention.
- Americans as a whole tend to be closed minded, and possess a heard mentality.
- Americans are hopelessly ignorant of other cultures. In fact they tend to be very culturally insensitive.
- Americans watch too much TV and believe it's reality.
- Americans don't read.
- Americans are hypocrits about issues of morals and ethics.

I don't ever want to come off as if I'm not critical of my own culture. As I said before, I am not really a typical American. I'm not even sure what a typical American is, but I do know that masses of Americans fit at least some of the above descriptions.

And this does not mean that I'm not critical of myself, either.

I could eat better, use curse words less, be warmer toward my fellow human beings, be less greedy, less self-centered, less irritable, less superstitious, and... last but not least... much much less critical of everything around me.