Thursday, July 29, 2004

email from my cousin in Baghdad, tw

hi usama

congratulations for samers wedding .. give him my regards

two days ago we were dining in the garden of the hunting club

about 10 pm with my wife and kids with some friends.

we heard the sound of a nice explosion..not near about 2km or 3

but you know we were in the garden and it sounded very clear and 3d stereo.

after that we heard hysterical shots .. and i knew the sound of the US soldiers gun after any explosion.

i dont know if the shot was very thing near because the they are hezitated or its there orders to behave like that and take somthing like revenge.

any way .. i was watching near by table in the club a man my age with family and friends.. after 1 second of stoping fire the man just rested his head on his chest and still sitting the same way ... with blood going out of his head .. he got shot with a lost bullet in the head

and you wont imagine the horror that people and kids and my wife have been through..

all the night the children were frightened because they saw a dead man near by .. and it could be any one else

they felt unsafe and unjustice.

but i still prefer voting to bush

it wasnt a nice bomb