Friday, June 04, 2004

an email from my cousin in Baghdad, today he wrote me:

hi usama

i'm sorry for waiting for a reply for so long

in 3/5/2004 i was at work in the company and a car boom exploded at the street very near by .

so i got hit with a nice boom at last.

i had 10 minor wounds in my chest , belly , arms and they are healing now

all the wounds came from windows glass

i came back in a hurry just to picture my self with the all over blooded shirt

to show it to you

but i could'nt find my camera . the blood on my eyes confused me

the shirt is clean now



Thursday, June 03, 2004

Welcome to the USA

Feds STILL unable to distinguish art from bioterrorism
Grand jury to convene June 15

Three artists have been served subpoenas to appear before a federal grand jury that will consider bioterrorism charges against a university professor whose art involves the use of simple biology equipment.

Early morning of May 11, Steve Kurtz awoke to find his wife, Hope, dead of a cardiac arrest. Kurtz called 911. The police arrived and, after stumbling across test tubes and petri dishes Kurtz was using in a current artwork, called in the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Soon agents from the Task Force and FBI detained Kurtz, cordoned off the entire block around his house, and later impounded Kurtz's computers, manuscripts, books, equipment, and even his wife's body for further analysis. The Buffalo Health Department condemned the house as a health risk.

Only after the Commissioner of Public Health for New York State had tested samples from the home and announced there was no public safety threat was Kurtz able to return home and recover his wife's body. Yet the FBI would not release the impounded materials, which included artwork for an upcoming exhibition at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

While most observers assumed the Task Force would realize that its initial investigation of Steve Kurtz was a terrible mistake, the subpoenas indicate that the feds have instead chosen to press their "case" against Kurtz and possibly others.

The subpoenas are the latest installment in a bizarre investigation in which members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force have mistaken an art project for a biological weapons laboratory. While most observers have assumed that the Task Force would realize the absurd error of its initial investigation of Steve Kurtz, the subpoenas indicate that the feds have instead chosen to press their "case" against the baffled professor.

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